The Piobaireachd Society
Patron HM The Queen

Annual Conference 2016

The annual conference will be held in Birnam Hotel Dunkeld 18-20 March.

  • David Hester The Alt Pibroch Club: Re-extending the tradition to recover our idiom.
  • Simon Chadwick Clarsach Ceol Mor.
  • Colin MacLellan The Piobaireachd compositions of John MacLellan
  • There will also be a demonstration of the 2016 Set Tunes.
Day Rate (including coffee/tea/lunch) £35 (Saturday only)
Day Rate (including banquet/ceilidh) £60
All inclusive room rate Single occupancy £170
All inclusive room rate 2 sharing £135/person

For further information contact
Walter Gray, Pinewood, Ancaster Road, Crieff PH7 4AL,

Pay via Paypal:

Cheques to:
Hon. Treasurer
Ancaster Road
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Piobaireachd on Radio

Pipeline Nameless A Lament - Angus MacArthur (Jack Lee), A Flame of Wrath for Squinting Patrick (Scottish Power Pipe Band), Fear Pìoba Meata (The Timid Piper) from the Campbell Canntaireachd (Barnaby Brown),Hio dro dro (Gordon Duncan) Lament for the Laird of Islay (Finlay Johnston)...


Piobaireachd Society Bursary 2016

This bursary aims to encourage young pipers who do not have easy access to a piobaireachd teacher to learn piobaireachd. Previous successful candidates were very positive about their experience of a week of expert tuition focusing on Piobaireachd sponsored by the Piobaireachd Society. The successful...


Years of Piobaireachd in the Braemar Corner

"Years of Piobaireachd in the Braemar Corner"  composed by Jakez Pincet is a tribute to his lessons from Bob Brown at Balmoral which began after " a disasterous performance of MacCrimmon's Sweetheart at Braemar in 1967". Thanks to Jakez for allowing us to publish it on our website....

Recordings wanted

We would like to have recordings of as much of the Piobaireachd Repertoire as possible. If you have, or would like like to make, a good quality recording of any of the tunes below and are willing to have it displayed on the PS website, please send it to us.  We cannot display recordings which are c...

Melbank’s Salute

Thanks to Gregor Speirs for this recording of  his broadcast of Melbank's Salute....

maccrimmons sweethear ballindalloch crunluath

Ballindalloch Manuscript

The Ballindalloch manuscript, written by Donald MacKay, nephew of Angus MacKay, has now been added to the website.  It contains 23 tunes, and is a significant addition to our collection, complimenting the manuscript written by John Smith, around the same time.  Both manuscript show mainly the styl...



When the Highlands and Islands of Scotland adopted the bagpipe, perhaps some six hundred years ago, they began to develop the instrument and its music to suit their needs and tastes.

What emerged was the instrument we know today as the Great Highland Bagpipe, and a form of music, piobaireachd (pronounced Pee-broch), which is unique to the instrument.  The music consists of a theme (ground) and variations on this theme.  The theme can express joy, sadness, or sometimes in the “gathering” tunes , a peremptory warning or call to arms.

The theme is developed in a series of variations, which usually progress to the “crunluath” variation, where the piper’s fingers give a dazzling technical display of embellishment or gracenotes.

The Piobaireachd Society was founded in 1901 to encourage the playing teaching and study of this music.