Pipeline Battle of the Pass of Crieff (Angus J MacColl), Old Woman’s Lullaby (Robert Wallace), Nam Bu Leam Fhìn Thu (Cameron MacDougall), Lady Margaret MacDonald’s Salute (Dr Peter McCalister),  MacDonald of ClanRanald’s Gathering (Stuart Gaudin).

Crunluath   Salute To The 20th Century Master Pipers (Herve Le Floc’h),
Scarce Of Fishing (Greg Wilson).

The Piping Hour 

1 Aug

Hirado Hao and The Red Speckled Bull (Allan MacDonald); Hioemtra Haentra (Barnaby Brown)

8 Aug

Lament for Duncan MacRae of Kintail (John D. Burgess); In Praise of Morag (Robert Reid); The Big Spree (Donald MacPherson)

15 Aug

MacNeill of Barra’s March (William MacCallum); MacGregor’s Salute (R.U. Brown); Lament for Alasdair (Rona Lightfoot); Salute to the Birth of Rory Mor MacLeod (John D. Burgess)

22 Aug

Under the Apricot Tree (Matthew Turnbull); The Blind Piper’s Obstinancy (William Geddes); The Glen is Mine (Chris Terry)

29 Aug

Lady Margaret MacDonald’s Salute (Gordon MacCready); Lament for Patrick Og MacCrimmon and The Wee Spree  (PM John MacDonald); The King’s Taxes (Robert Wallace