The Piobaireachd Society
Patron HM The Queen

New Piobaireachd Compositions

The Society wishes to encourage the composition of new music. This space is offered for new compositions.  Tunes are not scrutinised or edited and are printed as sent to the Society. The Society does not accept any responsibility for errors. Queries should be addressed to relevant composers and not the Society. Tunes, preferably in PDF format, can be sent via the “Contacts” page.  A good quality MP3 can be submitted.





Compositions by Matt Turnbull  View Documents: Compositions by Matt Turnbull
Lament for LiamComposed by John Bottomley ... View Documents: Lament for Liam
Piobaireachd by Janette Montague  View Documents: Piobaireachd by Janette Montague
SPA Composing Competition 2009  View Documents: SPA Composing Competition 2009
Massacres in Paris 2015Composed by Jakez Pincet to commemorate the terrorist massacre in Paris in 2015 ...  
Years of Piobaireachd in the Braemar Corner"Years of Piobaireachd in the Braemar Corner" composed by Jakez Pincet is a tribute to his lessons from Bob Brown at Balmoral starting after " a disasterous performance of... Get Document: Years of Piobaireachd in the Braemar Corner
A Piper's Farewell to his PipesThis tune seeks to express the feelings of a piper who is no longer able to play, as he puts his pipes back in their box for the last time.... Get Document: A Piper's Farewell to his Pipes
Salute to the Famous 13th, 42nd, and 73rdComposed by Jeff McCarthy in honour of the 150th anniversary of The Black Watch Royal Highland Regiment of Canada 1862-2012. ... Get Document: Salute to the Famous 13th, 42nd, and 73rd
A Salute to my FatherComposed by Iain MacDonald ... Get Document: A Salute to my Father