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National Library of Scotland Piobaireachd Catalogue and more

This section contains information about Piobaireachd mainly of interest to the researcher and includes a catalogue of piobaireachd material in the National Library of Scotland.

A Piobaireachd Index

The purpose of this index is to provide a guide to the contents of all the primary sources of piobaireachd, and to enable the user to locate any tune in any source. The sources are all the known documents which contain piobaireachd noted by and for the use of pipers, over the period from Joseph MacDonald's Compleat Theory, 1760, to Angus MacKay's "Seaforth manuscript", 1854.

The index is in four parts: the "Tunes and Sources" section, English name index, Gaelic name index, and Source List.

In the "Tunes and Sources" section, every tune has been assigned a serial number for purposes of future reference. The sequence is in chronological order of the sources (as far as this is known) and in order of appearance within each source. Tunes which appear to be copies or versions of each other are grouped together with the same serial number. It must be stressed however that the numbering is arbitrary to a certain extent. For example the two tunes now known as "The Battle of Auldearn No.1" and "The Battle of Auldearn No.2" have the same number, 027, but "The Park Piobaireachd No. 1" and "The Park Piobaireachd No. 2" have different numbers, 238 and 021 respectively.

In the Tunes and Sources section, the names have been copied carefully from the originals, keeping to the same spellings, punctuations and capital letters. Very rarely some words or letters have been added in square brackets, or else omitted and replaced by dots. Even more rarely an apparent mistake has corrected and marked with [sic]. If a source has more than one name written at the head of a tune, both names are given here. If a tune has no name, the name space here is left blank. Some nameless tunes have a headings such as "Piobaireachd" or the word "Called…" with name left blank: these headings are not copied.

Many sources have indexes, but the names quoted here are from the heading of the music, not the index. Occasionally the index has a different name or a significantly different wording. If these differences are mentioned here they are signalled with the word Index.

Indexes, annotations, and extra tunes added to the MSS by later writers are not included here, but they are mentioned in the source list.

In most sources the pages are numbered, and in many of them the tunes are numbered as well. Both tune number and page number are given in the "Tunes and Sources" list. It should be noted however that the numberings in the manuscript sources are sometimes irregular: these irregularities are mentioned in the source list, below.

The English and Gaelic name indexes are alphabetical. A few names or spellings have been slightly altered to avoid confusion, but generally the names are taken from the "Tunes and Sources" section with little change. No attempt has been made to systematise the names, and this means that there are many double entries such as "Lament for Finlay" and "Finlay's Lament". It also means that if a tune is not found under one of these forms it may be found under the other. Nor has there been any attempt to modernise the Gaelic names.


I would like to thank Ronnie Black for the loan of his own index of Gaelic names, and Frans Buisman for a copy of his Concordance Table. I accept responsibility for all errors or omissions and I will be very grateful to have these pointed out. Corrections or suggestions can be sent direct to me, .


Except for KK, further details and locations are given in the General Preface to the Piobaireachd Society Collections, 1997.

A .....Angus MacArthur Manuscript.

NLS MS 1679. Compiled 1820. The manuscript is now in course of publication, with text edited edited and analysed by Frans Buisman, and performing versions of all the tunes edited by Andrew Wright. To be published by The John MacFadyen Trust and Scottish Academic Press, Glasgow, 2001. The tunes are numbered 1-30. Only a few tunes were apparently named by the original writer(s) of the MS. The MS also has an index prepared by Angus MacKay, and names written in later by Dr Charles Bannatyne. but these are not included here.

C .....Colin Campbell, canntaireachd MSS

C0...... Item 001. A single tune, preserved among the Campbell of Breadalbane papers at the Scottish Record Office, Edinburgh. MS SRO 112/1/803/

C1...... Items 101-183. Campbell Canntaireachd volume 1. NLS MS 3714. The tunes are numbered 1-83.

C2...... Items 201-286. Campbell Canntaireachd volumes 2. NLS MS 3715. The tunes are numbered tunes 1-86.

C3...... Items 353-356. Copies of four tunes, made by Angus MacKay, ca. 1854, included in NLS MS 3743. In the MacKay transcript they are numbered 53-55 plus one unnumbered. They are entered in the present work as 53-56.

Both C1 and C2 have indexes.

D Donald MacDonald

D0...... MacDonald's published book, A Collection of the Ancient Martial Music of Caledonia, Called Piobaireachd. Edinburgh, [1820]. The tunes are not numbered in the book, but here they have been assigned numbers 1-23.

The preliminary pages of this book include some instructions with exercises which are short quotations from pibrochs. These are not listed here.

D1...... Donald MacDonald's manuscript. NLS MS 1680. 1826. The tunes are not numbered in the manuscript, but here they have been assigned numbers 1-50. The manuscript is prefixed with several printed pages giving names of the tunes, page numbers, and historical notes. In the manuscript itself most tunes have a name lightly written in pencil, and also carefully inked in block letters. The names in this index are taken from the printed pages, not from the body of the manuscript

DJ..... Donald MacDonald, junior's manuscript. 1826.

The original MS is now lost but copies of the tunes exist in the Campbell of Kilberry papers, NLS MSS 22098-22134. The tunes are not numbered in the MS, but here they have been assigned numbers 1-40. (One more tune, added in 1850, is not included here).

G..... The "Gesto canntaireachd".

Niel MacLeod. A Collection of Piobaireachd or Pipe Tunes, as verbally taught by the McCrummen Pipers in the Isle of Skye. Edinburgh, 1828.

The tunes are numbered I-XX in the book, 1-20 in this work. There is also a document of short historical notes on the tunes which includes some variant names or spellings - not listed here. For details see Piping Times, 22, No. 4 (January 1970).

H..... The Hannay-MacAuslan Manuscript.

NLS Acc. 11600 (formerly Dep. 201). Watermarked date, 1811. The ten tunes have been assigned numbers 1-10 in the present work.

J..... Joseph MacDonald.

A Compleat Theory of the Scots Highland Bagpipe. Edinburgh University Library, MS La. III. 804. Now published as R. D. Cannon (ed.) Joseph MacDonald's Compleat Theory of the Scots Highland bagpipe (c. 1760). New edition with introduction and commentary. The Piobaireachd Society, 1994. Distributed by The College of Piping, 16-20 Otago Street, Glasgow. One tune only is given in full, on pp. 82-83 of the 1994 edition. This source also includes numerous short illustrative quotations from tunes, and several exercises which are in the forms of piobaireachd composition, but these are not listed here.

JK..... John MacKay's manuscript.

NLS Acc. 9231. Completed in the period 1843-1848. The tunes are numbered 1-62, except that one tune after No. 14 was overlooked. In this work it is numbered 14b.

The tune names used here are those which seem to be in the oldest handwriting(s), in the body of the MS. There is also an index prepared by Angus MacKay, and other titles written in by Dr Charles Bannatyne, but none of these have been used here.

K.....Angus MacKay.

K0. MacKay's published book, A Collection of Ancient Piobaireachd or Highland Pipe Music. Angus MacKay, Edinburgh, 1838. The tunes are numbered I-LXI in the book, 1-61 in this work. One other tune, in the instructional part of the book, is numbered 0 here.

The preliminary pages also include some instructions with exercises which are short quotations from pibrochs, not listed here.

K1...... Angus MacKay's manuscript, volume 1. NLS MS 3753.

The tunes are numbered 1-114, with a few irregularities, but the tune and page number together will always be enough to identify a tune.

K2,K3...... Angus MacKay's manuscript, volume 2. NLS MS 3754.

The numbering in this MS is irregular (like vol 1, it was once two separate volumes, later combined into 1, but unlike vol 1 the numbering was left in a confused state). The first 39 tunes, on pages 1-81, are numbered 1-39. The remaining 31, on pages 82-129, form a separate number series. The first few of these are either not numbered or have partly scratched out numbers, then they become a regular sequence ending at 41. In the present work they have been assigned numbers 10-41. There is also one item, not numbered, between 38 and 39, here numbered 38b.

In K1-K3 the tune titles are mainly written very neatly, in ink, but a few are only in pencil, and sometimes there are pencil annotations in addition to the ink title. Not all of these annotations are given here, but in some cases the pencil title is given, especially where the pencil title is included in the index of the manuscript.

KK..... Angus MacKay's "Kintarbert Manuscript".

NLS Acc.11516. The tunes are numbered 1-88 (except that the tune which should be 37 is actually numbered 5).

KS..... Angus MacKay's "Seaforth Manuscript."

NLS MS 3744. 1854. The tunes are numbered 1-11. Three more tunes, entered later in a different handwriting, are not included here.

R..... Peter Reid's manuscript.

NLS MS 22118 (formerly Acc. 9883). 1826. The tunes are not numbered in the MS, but here they have been assigned numbers 1-45.

SC..... Angus MacKay. "Specimens of Canntareachd"

NLS MS 3743. c. 1853. All the pieces are fragments, consisting of the first few vocables of the tune in canntaireachd. They are numbered 1-48. They have been published and transcribed into staff notation: R.D. Cannon, Piping Times, 41, No. 5, 17-25; No. 6, 20-31, 38; No. 7, 41-47 (February - April 1989).

Index of Tune Titles: English

In personal names Mc and Mc have been amended to Mac. A few other spellings have also been adjusted.

Each tune has been alloted a Piobaireachd Society number.  To find the tune sources either consult the Tunes Index or consult Tunes and Sources in the research section.

Abercairney's Salute  186

Abercairneys Lament 315

Aged Warriors Sorrow…, The  172

Airds Lament  130

Airds March  120

Alexander MacDonell of Glengary's Lament  100

Angus MacDonalds attack upon the MacDougalls  233

Are you Merimaking 131

Argyle's March  097

Away to your tribe Ewen   236

Bard's Lament, The 031

Battle of Aldearne, The  027

Battle of Athole, The 158

Battle of Ballach na Broig, The 307

Battle of Balladruishaig, The 264

Battle of Glen-Sheil, The  291

Battle of Isheberry Bridge, The 165

Battle of Lochcarron Point, The  097

Battle of Millroy, The  032

Battle of Millroy, The 183

Battle of Park, The  021

Battle of Sheriffmuir, The  229

Battle of the Bridge of Perth, The  281

Battle of the Great Bridge, The  171

Battle of the Inch of Perth, The 281

Battle of the Little Bridge, The 169

Battle of the Red Hill, The 183

Battle of Waterloo, The  257

Battle of Waternish, The  221

Battle of Watter of Earn  027

Bells of Perth, The 181

Beloved Scotland, I leave thee gloomy 187

Bicker, The 048

Bicker, The  081

Big Drunkard, The 230

Birds Fight, The  305

Black Carles with the Shells  225

Black Donald Balloch of the Isles March 177

Black March, The 074

Black Wedders white Tail 148

Blind Pipers Obstinacy, The 160

Blue Ribbon, The 004

Blue Ribbon, The 107

Boat Tune, The  286

Borlum's Salute  211

Boysdall's March  095

Brian O'Duff's Lament  124

British Army, The  237

Brothers Lament  125

Brothers Lament, The 188

Cameron's March  167

Camerons Gathering 162

Campbells Gathering, The 206

Caperoy  183

Capt. Arch’d. Campll Glenlyon Lament  044

Capt. Wemmys Sutherland’s Lament… 318

Captain Daniel MacKenzie's Lament  265

Captain Donald MacKenzie's Lament   265

Captain MacDougall's Lament   283

Carles with the Breeks, The   002

Carwhins Lament   041

Castle Menzies   025

Cathrines Lament  185

Cheerful Scotland   229

Children's Lament, The  239

Chisholm of Strathglass's Salute    073

Chisholm's Salute   073

Chisholm's Salute  250

Clan Ronald’s March to Edinburgh 203

Clan’s Gathering, The   169

Clan-Ranalds Salute   203

Cluny MacPherson's March   289

Cluny MacPherson's Salute   298

Cogue, The   048

Cogue, The   081

Collin Roy MacKenzie's Lament  247

Collin Roys Lament  247

Comely Tune, The 054

Company's Lament, The 272

Contalich's Lament 086

Contalichs Lament 037

Couloddins Lament 137

Crun-luath Pibroch 062

Daughter's Lament, The 190

Daughters Lament 023

Davidson of Tulloch's Salute 253

Day Yesterday and here Yesterday 143

Dead's Lament 141

Desperate Battle, The 305

Disgrace of MacLeod 309

Dispraise of MacLeod 309

Ditty, The 054

Donald Bain MacCruimen’s Lament 220

Donald Duaghal Mackay's Lament 039

Donald Ghruamach of Slates...Lament...102

Donald Groumach 102

Donald MacDonald of Laggan’s Lament 026

Dougald Mac Raneils Lament 084

Drunken Groat, The 159

Duffs Gathering 297

Duke Hamilton's March 085

Duke of Argyle's Salute, The 157

Duke of Hamilton's Lament, The085

Duke of Perth's March 142

Duke of Perth's March, The 070

Duke of Perths Lament, The 142

Dun Gallans Lament 136

Duncan MacRae of Kentail's Lament 271

Dungalan's Lament 136

Duntron 244

Duntron's Warning 270

Duntroon's March 034

Earl of Antrum’s Lament, The 288

Earl of Breadalbin’s Gathering 002

Earl of Ross' March, The 118

Earl of Ross's Pibrach, The 118

Earl of Seaforth's Salute, The 243

End of Isheberry Bridge, The 165

End of the Great Bridge, The 171

End of the Little Bridge, The 169

Equal to me, Peace or War 204

Ewin of the Battles 299

Fair Honey 139

Fairy Flag, The 290

Fare thee well Donald 166

Farewell to the Laird of Islay 316

Finger Lock, The 132

Finlay's Lament 024

Finlay's Lament 228

First tune in Piping, The 248

Flame of wrath, for Squint Peter, A 046

Frasers March 019

Frazer’s Salute, The 025

Frenzy of the Meeting, The 124

Frisky Courtier, The 296

Frisky Lover, The 296

From a MS. written in Bengall 001

Gathering of Clan Chattan 076

Gathering of the Clans, The 163

Gathering of the MacDonalds of Clanranald, The 174

Gathering of the MacDonalds of ClanRonald, A 164

Gathering, A 302

George Cambell Yr of Calder's Salute 055

Glen is mine, The 058

Glen is our own and all that it contains, The 058

Glencow's March 070

Glengarry's Lament 249

Glengarry's March 170

Glengearrie's March 100

Gordons' Salute, The 016

Graham's March 138

Grain in Hides and Corn in Sacks 119

Grants’ Gathering, The 052

Gray John's Lament 065

Grim Donald's March 102

Groat, The 159

Gunn’s Salute…, The 319

Half Finished Piobaireachd, The 098

Harrows March 121

Head of the Little Bridge, The 169

Hector MacLean (The Son of Allan na Sop)'s Warning 182

Hector Roy MacLean's Lament 300

Hector Roy of the Battles Lament… 300

Hen's March o'er the Mudden, The 294

Highland Club, The 184

Highland Society of Londons Salute, The 269

Highland Society of Scotland's Salute, The 184

Hill of…180

Hugh's Lament 049

I am proud I play a pipe 091

I got a Kiss of the King's Hand 213

I return no more 057

Intended Lament, An 235

Isabel Mackay 032

James’s Departure…175

John Garve MacLean of Coll's Lament 078

John Garve MacLeod of Raasay's Lament 207

John Garve of Coll's Lament 107

John garve of Coll's Lament 078

John of Dunolles Lament 065

Katherine's Lament 185

Katherine's Salute 185

Katherine's Salute 304

Keppoch’s March 096

Killiecrankie 158

King George the Third's Lament 258

King James the 6th’s Lament 014

King James the Sixth's Salute 014

King James's Lament 175

Kinggarloch's March 123

Kings Taxes, The 282

Kings Tribute, The 282

Lachlan MacNeill Campbell Esqr of Kintarbert & Saddle's Fancy 277

Lachlan MacNeill Campbell Esqr of Kintarbert's Salute 284

Lady Anapool's Lament 022

Lady Doyle's Salute 251

Lady MacDonalds Lament,…194

Lady Margaret MacDonalds Salute 196

Laird of Anapools Lament, The 197

Laird of Borlums Salute, The 211

Laird of Coll's Barge, The 011

Laird of Contullich's Lament, The 086

Lament for Graham of Chlaverhouse 190

Lament for Great John MacLean 078

Lament for John Kear 065

Lament for King James 247

Lament for King James' Departure 175

Lament for Maclean, A 074

Lament for Mary Macleod the celebrated poetess 279

Lament for Muil Duin 075

Lament for Ronald MacDonald Esqr of Morar 176

Lament for the Castle of Dunyveg 146

Lament for the Dead 217

Lament for the Duke of Hamilton 085

Lament for the Great Supper 273

Lament for the Harp Tree, The 135

Lament for the Laird of Ainapole 197

Lament for the little Supper 293

Lament for the Macdonald's Tutor 093

Lament for the only Son 015

Lament for the Tree of Hundreds 135

Lament for the Union 234

Lament for… Alexander MacDonald of Glengary, A 100

Lament for… Fair Donald MacCrimmen, A 220

Lament for… Finlay 228

Lament for… General Cleaver, A 190

Lament for… John Macleod, A 216

Lament for… MacSuain of Roaig, A 155

Lament for… Samuel 108

Lament on the death of Patrick More MacCrummen 137

Lament, A 192

Lamentation for Donald MacLeod of Greshernish 231

Lamentation for the Duke of Hamilton 085

Lamentation of Mac Vic Allister.. Allister Dhu of Glengary, Esq. 100

Late Lord MacDonald's Lament…, The 189

Leaving Kintyre 214

Left hand 063

Little Drunkard, The 178

Little Finger Pibroch, The 240

Little Finger Tune, The 240

Lochends March 042

Lochnail's Lament 109

Lochnells Lament 222

Lock on fingers 132

Lord Breadalbane's March. 002

Lord Breadalbanes Lament 074

Lord Bredalbans March 074

Lord Bredalbin's Gathering 002

Lord Bredalbin's wellcome to Scotlan 092

Lord Kentail's Lament 247

Lord Lovat's Lament 261

Lord MacDonald's Lament 189

Lost the Only Son 015

Mac Mhic Alisters Dead Lament 154

MacAlister's lively Lament 022

MacCrummen will never return 057

MacDonald of Boisdale's Salute 095

MacDonald of Clan Ranalds Salute 203

MacDonald of Kinlochmudeart's Salute 275

MacDonald of Kinlochmuidarts Lament 082

MacDonald of Sanda's Lament­ 086

MacDonald of Staffa's Salute 208

MacDonald of the Isles' Salute 227

MacDonald's Salute 244

MacDonald’s Gathering 164

MacDonald’s Salute 111

MacDonalds are Simple, The 101

MacDonalds of Clanranalds Gathering, The 174

MacDougal of Lorn's Lament 065

MacDougal of Lorn's March 214

MacDougalls Salute, The 068

MacDuffs Gathering 297

MacFarlan's Gathering 165

MacFarlans Gathering 161

MacGregors' Salute, The 202

MacGrigors Gathering 025

MacGrigors March 013

MacIntosh of Boreland's Salute 211

MacIntosh's Lament 200

MacIntyre's Salute 006

Mackay's Banner, The 209

MacKays Lament 039

MacKays March, The 073

Mackays White Flag, The 209

MacKenzie of Gairloch's Lament 195

MacKenzie of Gairloch's Salute 274

MacKenzie of Millbank's Salute 276

Mackenzie of Appplecross's Salute 260

Mackenzie's Gathering, The 232

MacKenzies March, The 212

MacKinnon Lament 047

MacLauchlan's March, The 067

MacLean of Coll's 011

MacLean of Lochbuie’s Lament 223

MacLean's Gathering, The 167

MacLean's Gathering, The 226

MacLeans' March, The 077

MacLeod Gesto's Gathering 016

MacLeod Gesto's Lamentation 136

MacLeod of Colbeck's Lament 262

MacLeod of Gesto's Salute 017

MacLeod of MacLeod's Lament 259

MacLeod of MacLeod's Rowing Piobaireachd 231

MacLeod of Raasay's Gathering 215

MacLeod of Raasay's Lament 207

MacLeod of Raasay's Salute 216

MacLeod of Talliskers Salute 301

MacLeod's Controversy 037

MacLeod's Salute, The 231

Macleod's Lament 135

MacLeods Dog Short Tail 131

MacLeods short tune 113

MacNabs Gathering, The 009

MacNabs Salute, The 224

MacNeil of Barra's March 084

MacNeil of Barras Lament 008

MacNeill Campbell's Favorite 277

MacNeils March 168

MacNiel of Barray's March 008

MacPhersons Gathering, The 076

MacRae's March 193

MacSwan of Roaig's Lament 155

March for a begginner 001

Marquis of Argyle's Salute, The 157

Marquis of Talibeardin's Salute 157

Mary's Praise 067

Masacre of Glenco, The 088

Melford's March 043

Men is on the fuddle, The 241

Men went to Drink, The 241

Menzie of that Ilk's Pibroch 025

Menzies Salute 218

Merry Scotland 187

Morars March 075

Mrs MacLeod of Tallisker's Salute 292

Mrs Smith's Salute 280

Munros Salute, The 256

Murray of Abercairnie's Salute 186

My King has landed in Muidart 115

O’Kelly’s Lament 222

Old Sword's Lament, The 150

Old Womans Lillaby in the Mountain, The 051

Old Womans Lillaby on the Rocky Mountain, The 051

One of Argyles Marches 097

One of the Cragich 036

One of the Cragich 053

One of the Cragich 110

One of the Cragich 113

One of the Cragich 133

One of the Cragich 156

One of the Cragich 026

One of the Cragish 035

One of the Deads Lament 140

One of the Irish piobarich 031

Only Son's Lament, The 015

Parading of the MacDonalds 227

Park Pibroch 238

Park Piobaireachd, The 021

Patrick óg MacCrummen's Lament 137

Peace or War 204

Piobaireachd of Dunyveg, The 201

Pipers Meeting 045

Pipers warning to his Master, The 201

Praise of Marion, The 083

Pretty Dirk, The 255

Pride of Barra, The 008

Pride of Barroch, The 084

Prince Charles Lament 263

Prince James of Wales's Salute 173

Prince's Landing at Moidart, The 115

Princes Salute, The 173

Pursuit of Glenfruin, The 013

Queen Ann's Lament 143

Red Alexander MacDonell of Glengary's Lament 100

Red Hand in the MacDonald's Arms, The 252

Red Ribband, The 005

Retreat of the Lowland Captain, The 112

Roaigs Lament 155

Robt Sinclair's wife Lament 048

Ronald MacDonald of Morar's Lament 176

Rory MacLoude's Lament 064

Rout of Bendoeg, The 217

Rout of Glenfruin, The 013

Rout of the English Captain, The 112

Rout of the MacPhies, The 094

Royal Bicker 048

Royal Oak that saved King Charles 083

Salute to Allister More Mac Donald... of Boisdale 095

Salute to Inveraray 056

Salute to the chief of the Menzieses, A 218

Salute, A 233

Samuells Black dog 108

Sauntering, The 311

Scarse of Fishing 222

Sir Ewin Cameron of Lochiel's Salute 236

Sir Hector MacKenzie of Gairloch's Lament 195

Sir James MacDonald of the Isles' Lament 061

Sir James MacDonald of the Isles' Lament 306

Sir James MacDonald of the Isles' Salute 210

Sir James MacDonald's Lament 061

Sister's Lament, The 023

Sobieski's Salute 099

Sophia Eskie 099

Sound of the waves against Duntrone, The 205

Square Reas March 012

Stewarts Gathering, The 202

Stewarts White Banner, The 108

Stirling Park Pibroch, The 021

Strowan Robertson's Salute 254

Sutherland's March 081

Sutherlands Gathering, The 072

Sword's Lament, The 150

Sword's Lament, The 172

Sword's Old Lament, The 150

Taotor Clan Ronails March 059

Taunt on MacLeod, A 113

Too long in this Condition 161

Tulichard 232

Tullochaird 212

Tumilin O'Counichan 124

Tune for a Beginer, A 138

Tune of Strife, The 107

Union, The 234

Unjust Incarceration, The 003

Unlafull Quarter 003

Vaunting, The 235

Viscount of Dundee's Lament, The 114

Waking of the Bridegroom, The 310

War or Peace 204

We will take the High-Way 295

Weighing from Land 140

Welcome Johnie back again 145

White Flag, The 209

White Wedder Black Tail 153

You are Drunk you've drank a quart 230

You are drunk you'd better sleep 178

You are drunk you'v drunk the wallet 308

You'r welcome Ewin 199

Young Allan's Lament 285

Young George's Salute 055

Young Laird of Dungallon's Salute, The 136

Young Neils Salute 205

Gaelic Titles

A Bheel Bronach Far am 't-ainach Charly Stewart 139

A Bhiodag Bhoidheach 255

A Bhoilich 235

A Bhratach 290

A Bhratach Bhaan 209

A Bratach Shìth 290

A cheud Phort sa Phiobaireacht 248

A Chnocaireachd 311

A Ghlass Mheur 132

A Glas 146

A Glase 050

A Glass 127

A Mearsa Dubh 074

A Mheil Bhraonach 139

A Mhuinntir a Chail Chaoil thugibh a’m bruach oirbh 032

A Ribbean Gorm 004

A Ribbon Dearg 005

A’m Port Luìnneagach 054

A’n Ailteachd 054

A’n Comunn 234

Alba Bheadarach 187

Am Port Leathach 098

An ann air Mhire tha Sibh 131

An Cath Gailbheach 305

An Ceapadh Eucorach 003

An Co-aontachadh 234

An Daorach 178

An Daorach Bheag 230

An Daorach Mheanach 308

An Daorach Mhor 230

An Groatha 159

An Gròt Misgeach 159

An Ribean Gorm 004

An Ruibain Gorm 107

An t-arm Breachd Dearg 237

Aon-tlachd Mhic Neill 277

Balla na Broig 307

Batail an t-Sraim 097

Bealla Druishaig 264

Beinn a Ghriann 180

Bentir 244

Bhair bhi dhilan n'a bhi pos'd 051

Bhratich Bhan 011

Bidagvoyach 255

Bior-linn Tighearna Cholla 011

Blar Atholl 158

Blar Bhaternis 221

Blar Ghleann Sheille 291

Blar Sliabh an t-Shirra 229

Blàr Allt Eairn 027

Blàr Atholl 158

Blàr Bhaterloo 257

Blàr Bhealach na’m Broig 307

Blàr Bhealla Druishaig 264

Blàr Ghleann Sheille 291

Blàr na Maol a’ Ruaidhe 183

Blàr nan Doirneag 206

Blàr Sliabh an t-siorraidh 229

Blare Vuster 163

Bodaich Dubh nan Sligean 225

Bodaich na Sligachin bith Sinn a nis ga-faigail 225

Bodaich na’m Brigais 002

Bolich 235

Borst na Ludan 240

Bratach Chlann Aoidh 209

Bratch Bhàn nan Stuartach 108

Brather a’n amhildaich 182

Bratich Bhan 108

C** air Cloich 138

Caid’n Dudh thanic Dhu 243

Caismeachd a Phiobaire da Mhaighsteir 201

Caismeachd da Dhuntroin 270

Caismeachd Eachainn Mhic Ailean na Sop 182

Cath n a’n Eun, na An Càth Gailbheach 305

Caugh Vic Righ Aro 245

Ceann Drochaid Isiberri 165

Ceann Drochaid Mhoir 171

Ceann Drochaid Pheairt 281

Ceann na Drochaid a Bige 169

Cha bol le mhac a fee he a nee a chen 094

Cha m nu'n Kersavag 119

Cha Till Mac Cruimein 057

Cha Till mi Tuille 057

Chaidh na Fir a ghòl 241

Chean na Daise 118

Cholla ne Runn, Seachain a ’n Dunn tha misi an Laimh 201

Chumbh craoibh na Teidbh 082

Chumh Mhic Caoie 039

Cill Chriosda 170

Clandonniel Sochaach 101

Clann donail Raoich 032

Cluig Pheairt 181

Cnocan Ailean MhicIain 164

Cnocan Aillean Mhic Aillean 'ic Iain 164

Co gha bhi mi s'leiss Riogh mi 058

Cogadh na Sith 204

Colla mo’ Rún 201

Coolin 242

Cor beg mhic Leain 160

Corierri 059

Craig Charan 052

Craig Ellachan 052

Craigillachy 052

Croan air Euan 144

Crõmh laoith air Aidin thorbein 056

Crònan na Cailleach sa Bheinn Bhric 051

Crosanachd an Doill 160

Cruimeachadh Chlan Nab 009

Cruimeachadh Chlaun Raonuill 174

Cruimeachadh Mich Chille Chaluim 215

Cruineachadh Chlann a Lain 226

Cruinneachadh 302

Cruinneachadh Chlann a Leain 167

Cruinneachadh Chlann Chàtain 076

Cruinneachadh Chlann Choinnich 232

Cruinneachadh Chlann Domhnuill 164

Cruinneachadh Chlann Raonuill 174

Cruinneachadh na Suthearlanach 072

Cruinneachadh na’ Fineachan 163

Cruinneachadh na’n Grandach 052

Cumah Fir Sundaigh 086

Cumh Alister Yeerich 100

Cumh Brian O’ Duff 124

Cumh Chlaibh 172

Cumh Chlavers Graeme 190
Cumh con Mhic aoidh 039

Cumh Dhuc Hamilton 085

Cumh Eoin Ghairbh Mhic Ghille Challum Rarsey 207

Cumh ffear Cross 166

Cumh Fir Ceanloch nan Eala 222

Cumh na Coshag 210

Cumh na Paithair 023

Cumh Pharic More Mhic Cruimmen 137

Cumha 192

Cumha a Chleirich 031

Cumha Ailleain Oig 285

Cumha Alisteir Dhearg 100

Cumha an aon Mhich 015

Cumha an Aonachd 234

Cumha Ban-Righ Anne 143

Cumha Ban-tighearna Anapuil 022

Cumha Bhan Thighearna Mhic Dhomhnuill 194

Cumha Bhrathair 188

Cumha Caisteal Dhunaomhaig 146

Cumha Chaillean Ruaidh 247

Cumha Chaiptean Mhic Coinnich 265

Cumha Chaiptean Mhic Dhudhail 283

Cumha Chaitrine 185

Cumha Chaptean Bhemyss Sutherlanach 318

Cumha Cheanncinnidh na’n Leodaich 259

Cumha Chlabhers 114

Cumha Chlaidheamh 172

Cumha Chraobh na’n Teud 135

Cumha Dhiuchd Pheairt 142

Cumha Dhomhnuill a Lagain 026

Cumha Dhomhnuill Bhan MhicCruimein 220

Cumha Dhomhnuill Dhuaghal Mhic Aoidh 039

Cumha Dhonncha Mhic Iain 271

Cumha Dhuichd Hamilton 085

Cumha Eachainn Ruaidh na’n Cath 300

Cumha Eain Ghairbh Cholla 078

Cumha Fear Cheannlochmuideart 082

Cumha Fear Chountullich 086

Cumha Fhìonnla 228

Cumha Iain Cheir 065

Cumha Iain Ghairbh Mhic Gillechallam 207

Cumha Iarla Aintrim 288

Cumha Mairi Nighean Alasdair Ruaidh 279

Cumha Mhic a'h Arasaig 200

Cumha Mhic an Tòisich 200

Cumha Mhic Coinnich 247

Cumha Mhic Leoid Cholbic 262

Cumha Mhic Mhic Alasdair 249

Cumha Mhic Neill Bhara 008

Cumha Mhic Shimidh 261

Cumha Mhic Suin a Roaig 155

Cumha Mhorair Bhreadalbain 074

Cumha Mhorair Chlann Domhnuill 189

Cumha Mhuil Duin 075

Cumha Mich Ghille Chaluim 207

Cumha na Cloinne 239

Cumha na Cuideachd 272

Cumha na h-ighean 190

Cumha na Mairbh 217

Cumha na Peathair 023

Cumha na Suipeirach Big 293

Cumha na Suipeirach Moireadh 273

Cumha nam Brathairean 188

Cumha Obaircharnaig 315

Cumha Phadruig Oig Mhic Cruimein 137

Cumha Phrionnsa Thearlach 263

Cumha Raonuill Mhic Aileain oig 176

Cumha Ridir Seumas Mac Dhomhnuill na’n Eilean 306

Cumha Ridir Seumas na’n Eilean 061

Cumha Righ Seumas 175

Cumha Righ Seumas a Se 014

Cumha Shir Eachainn Ghearloch 195

Cumha Thighearna Ghearloch 195

Cumha Thighearna Lochbuie 223

Cumha Tighearna Anapuill 197

Cumha Tuitear Chlann Domhnuill 093

Cumha’n t-Sean Claidheamh 150

Cumhadh ’n aon Mhic 015

Cumhadh Alistair Dheirg 100

Cumhadh Chleibhair 190

Cumhadh Chraobh na ‘n Cheud 135

Cumhadh Dhomhnuill Bhain Mhic Chruimmain 220

Cumhadh Dubh Shomhairle 108

Cumhadh Fhionnlaidh 228

Cumhadh Iain Ghairbh Mhic a Lean 078

Cumhadh Iain MhicIain Ghairbh 216

Cumhadh Mhic a’h Arasaig 200

Cumhadh MhicGilli Chalum Rasay 207

Cumhadh MhicShuain a Roaig 155

Cumhadh na Cloinnidh 239

Cumhadh Raoinuill Mhic Aileain Oig 176

Cunah ‘Mic Cui 039

Dastirim gu Seinim Piob 091

Di-moladh Mhic Leoìd 309

Donaich dall Mhac Donail Nuras 157

Druim Thalasgair, na Blàr Bhaterneish 221

Dùsgadh Fear na Beannsa 310

Eòghann Càthach 299

Euan aka char Shein mi Shudda 060

Fàgail Ceann-tire 214

Faicheachd Chlann Domhnuill 227

Failt Dherse Oig &c. 055

Failt Lochial 177

Failt Lochmuidart 275

Failt Mr Martin 231

Failte 233

Failte ’n t’ Shialich 073

Failte an t-Siosalaich 250

Failte Ban-Thighearna Thalisger 292

Failte Ban-tighearna Mhic a Ghobhainn 280

Failte Ban-tighearna Mhic Dhomhnuill 196

Failte Bhan-thighearna Mhic a Ghobhann 280

Failte Bhan-Tighearna Dhoile 251

Failte Bhodaich 157

Failte Chaitrine 304

Failte Chlann an Abba 224

Failte Chlann Domhnuill 111

Failte Chlann Dughaill 068

Failte Chlaun Raonuill 203

Failte Chominn Gaedheallach Lunnin 269

Failte Chommun Gaidhealach Lunin 269

Failte Dheorse Oig 055

Failte Dhute Donail 152

Failte Fear Bhòrlum 211

Failte fear Bhoisdail 095

Failte fear Ghesto 017

Failte Fir Bhoisdail 095

Failte Fir Cheannlochmuideart 275

Failte Fir Staffa 208

Failte George Oag 055

Failte Ineraora 056

Failte Lady Margaret 196

Failte Mac grigor 320

Failte Mac Kenich 243

Failte Mananich 218

Failte Mhaolbank 276

Failte Mharcues 157
Failte Mharcuis Earraghedheal 157

Failte Mheinearaich 218

Failte Mhic an t-Saoir 006

Failte Mhic Dhomhnuill 244

Failte Mhic Ghille Challam 216

Failte Mhic Mhic Alain 203

Failte Mhic Neill Chinn-tairbeart 284

Failte MhicDhomhnuill no’n Elean 227

Failte Mich chille Chaluim 216

Failte Munroe 256

Failte na Frisallach 025

Failte na Leodich 231

Failte na’n Gordanaich 016

Failte na’n Griogairaich 202

Failte na’n Guinnach 319

Failte na’n Leòdach 231

Failte na’n Rothaich 256

Failte Niall oig 205

Failte Obaircharnaig 186

Failte Phroinsa 173

Failte Ridir Eoghann Lochiall 236

Failte Ridir Seumas na’n Eilean 210

Failte Righ Seumas a Se 014

Failte Sheorais Oig 055

Failte Shiosalaich Strathglais 073

Failte Sir Shemes nan Ilanan 210

Failte Sobeaski 099

Failte Thearna Thulach 253

Failte Thighearna Chluani 298

Failte Thighearna na Comeraich 260

Failte Thighearna òig Dhungallain 136

Failte Thighearna Thalisgair 301

Failte Thigherna Struain 254

Failte Tighearna Ghearloch 274

Failte Titior McDond 093

Failte Uilleam Dhuibh Mhic Coinich 243

Failté Dheors’ òig 055

Fàilte Chomunn Ghaidhealach na h'Alban 184

Fannet 111

Fear Bhorlum 211

Fhailt Mhic Leain 112

Fhailt na Misk 106

Fhailte dhuitt Ion Cheir 065

Fhear pioba Metie 103

Fhuair mi pog o laimh an Righ 213

Fuaim na tuine ri Duntróne 205

Fuinachair 028

Gabhaidh sinne Rathad Mòr 295

’Ghlas Mheur 132

Gille Chriost 170

Glas Mhir 132

Glen Sheil Beg 291

Gluig Phairst 181

Go ’do Buidheann Eoghan 236

Gogalleach nan Cearc 294

Gràn a Seichanan’s Sial am Pocanan 119

Gu ma Slaint dhuit Donail 089

Guileagag Mòrag 083

Hanig mo Righs air tir ann Mudarchd 115

Hanurich ort C. 308

Heeyegev a sho sho shiv foil 162

Iomarbhadh Mhicleoid 037

Ionachan 145

Ionnsuidh Aneas Bhig Mhic Dhomhnuill 233

Is e do Bheath Eòghainn 199

Is fhad mar so tha Sinn 161

Iseabal Nic Aoidh 032

Ken ffo Lurrich 104

Kenadias (qy). Cruinneachadh nan Duffich 297

Kepper Eggarich 003

Kiaunidize 118

Kiaunma Drochid a Beig 169

Kilchrist 170

La Sron a Chlachain 074

Lamh Dhearg Chlann Domhnuill 252

Lasan Phadruig Chaoig 046

Lassan Phadrig Chiegch 244

Leacran 098

Leanan Mhic Donnil Gromich 102

Luinagieh alias Aultich 054

Mac Queen a Royag 155

Mac Vic Horomoid 016

Mac Vic Horomoid 136

Mairsall Na Grantich 159

Mal an Righ 282

Maol Duin 075

Maor na Coille Duibh 025

Maor na coille duibhe 025

March a Morar Breadalbinn 074

March Chlan Lean 077

March i Dubh Lord Bradalbane 074

Marsah na shisalach 073

Marsail Alastair Charich 097

Marsal na Suherlanach 081

Masladh Mhic Leoid 309

McNeil is tighearn ann 134

Mealee Fenaig 006

Mearsa Dubh Mhorair Bhreadalbain 074

Mhaol Donn 075

Moladh Mairi 067

Molluch na Piperin 234

Moraig 083

Murt Ghlinne a Comhann 088

’N ann… see An ann

Nuail Doan 075

Paigh bodaich Nail ach ruaigh 151

Piobaireachd Cheann Deas 118

Piobaireachd Dhomhnuill Duibh 177

Piobaireachd Dhunnaomhaig 201

Piobaireachd Dhuntroin 244

Piobaireachd Iarla Rois 118

Piobaireachd na Braitche Baine Chlan Aodh 209

Piobaireachd na Pairc 238

Piobaireachd na Pairc 021

Piobaireachd Uaidh 025

Piobarach Dunivag 321

Pioparich aon Cnochan 028

Porst Iomramh Mhic Leod 231

Porst Marie 062

Porst na Ludag 240

Porst na Lurkin 014

Porst na Striane 004

Porst Ullar mhic Eachin 078

Porst Ullare 020

Port A Mheadair 048

Port a Bhata 286

Port a Chrun-luath 062

Port a Mheadair 048

Port a Mheadair 081

Port an Claibh 172

Port Gearr Mhic Leoid 113

Port na Lùdaig 240

Port na Srian 107

Port na Strigh 107

Port nan Doirneag 206

Prinsah beg Sate loum a thu 147

Riban Gorm 004

Riban Gorum 107

Ruaig air Caiptean’ nan Gall 112

Ruaig air Clann a Phie 094

Ruaig Bein Doig 217

Ruaig Ghlenne Fruin 013

Ruaig Glenn a Bhroin 013

Ruibain Gorm 004

’S Leam fein an Gleann 058

Sad Mar Sho tha Shinn 165

Sard u cadil 230

’Sco math leam, ’Sco math leam, Cogadh no Sith 204

Seann Chumhadh a Chlaibh 150

’SFhadde Mar Seo Tha Sinn 161

Sigart Screich 296

Slàn gu’n till Eonachann 145

Slanffuive 105

Soraidh le Tighearna Ila 316

Soraidh leat a Dhomhnuill 166

Spadaireachd Bharra 008

Spaidrich Bharich 084

Spaidseaireachd Mhic Neile a’ Bhara 084

Spaidsearachd Chlann 'ic Aoidh 073

Spaidsearachd Chlann Illeain 077

Spaidsearachd Dhomhnuill Ghruamaich 102

Spaidsearachd Dhuic Pheairt 070

Spaidsearachd Iarla Rois 118

Spaidsearachd Mhic Raadh 193
Spaidsearaichd Thighearna Chluan 289

Spaidseirachd Dhomhnuil Ghruamaich 102

Spiocaireachd Iasgaich 222

Stiallag 067

Stir a phay u 178

Suarachan 193

Suibhel Sheumais 175

Suigeart Suiriche 296

Suihel Shemes 175

Taom-boileinn na Coinneamh 124

Tarbh Brach derg 237

Taviltich 007

Teachd a Phrionnsa gu Muideart 115

Tha Clann Domhnuill Socharach 101

Tha’m daorach ort dh’òl thu Mhàileid 308

Tha’n daorach ort Dh'ol thu'n Cairt 230

Tha’n daorach ort S’fhearr’d thu Cadal 178

Thainig mo Righ sa air tir am Muideart 115

Thanig Gorrie 114

Tharrin Mach bhat Mhic Cload 093

Thuair mi pog o’ laimh an Righ 213

Till an Crodh Lichen [Laochen?] 203

Togail o Thìr 140

Tulloch Ard 232

Tulloch-ard… 212

Varon Na Glin ins Mich gun Erie 088

Vuile Vrionich 139

Vuirlin Corrich Chaoil 094