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Tunes and Sources - publications from 1869-1913

A Piobaireachd Index Supplement 2

Containing tunes from published sources 1869 – c. 1913.

Roderick D. Cannon Copyright 2008

This Supplement is a an index to pibrochs in printed collections, beginning with William Ross’s first collection of 1869 and ending with the five books of the first Piobaireachd Society series, which was completed about 1913. The numbers 001, 002 etc in the left hand column are the Piobaireachd Society serial numbers as in other catalogues, and S201, S202 indicate tunes which are listed for the first time here.

Titles of tunes are taken from the headings on the original music pages. Some variant titles from index or contents pages are also given. Extra wordings such as dates or names of composers are usually omitted without comment. Square brackets [ ] enclose editorial insertions, and rows of dots indicate editorial omissions.. Wordings in italics are editorial comments. Gaelic titles are given here only when they occur in the source, and editorial corrections are used very sparingly.

Spellings, punctuation and lengthmarks follow the original. In cases where a Gaelic title occurs on the music page in capitals, without lengthmarks, a form given in a contents or index page is used instead


WR1, WR2, WR3 Ross’s Collection [of] Pipe Music. [First edition, 1869; New edition 1876; revised edition 1885]. All tunes in WR1 and WR2 are repeated in subsequent editions with the same tune numbers and page numbers. There is also an abridged edition containing the same pibrochs as WR3.

Ph0 MacPhee, Donald. A selection of music for the Highland bagpipe... with a complete tutor. D. McPhee, Glasgow. June 1876. Subsequently reissued in two volumes, of which the first, containing the only piobaireachd in the work, is entitled A complete tutor for the Highland bagpipe... followed by a piobaireachd. Arranged by Donald MacPhee, Glasgow. Logan & Co., Inverness.

Ph1, Ph2 MacPhee, Donald. A collection of piobaireachd... First issued as a single volume in 1879, subsequently reissued in two parts, and later incorporated in The Bagpipe Works of Donald MacPhee, EP Publishing Limited, 1978, with page numbers unchanged.

DG0, DG1-4, DGB1-7 Glen, David. A collection of ancient piobaireachd or Highland bagpipe music... David Glen, Edinburgh. The earliest edition, DG0, dated 1880, contains 25 tunes in one volume. In a second edition, DG1 etc, this was divided into 2 parts, with the same tunes revised and numbered 1-12 and 13-25; and continued with further parts 3 and 4. In a third edition, DGB1 etc, parts 1-4 were revised apparently in accordance with advice from Dr. Charles Bannatyne, and continued with parts 5, 6 and 7 in the same style. [completed 1907]. Combined volumes of seven parts comprise DGB1-7, a total of 100 tunes. The 100 tunes are now available in facsimile on a CDROM published by Ceol Sean, 2001, which is understood to have taken from a combined volume, and on the Piobaireachd Society website,, taken from a set of separate parts. At the time of writing these have not been comparted with the earlier printings..

GT Glen David. David Glen’s Highland bagpipe tutor with a selection of quicksteps, strathspeys, reels and jigs, followed by a piobaireachd. Arranged and published by David Glen, 8 Greenside Place, Edinburgh. The earliest edition to include a pibroch is called ‘Fifth Thousand’, issued ca. 1890/1891.

T, T1, T2 Thomason, C. S. A collection of piobaireachd, as played on the great Highland bagpipes. Tunes 1-9 were first published in the period 1893/97; tunes 10-32 and 33-50 were published in paperback booklets, Parts II and III respectively, 1897. The first edition in one volume, dated 1900, contained tunes 1-278. A revised edition, also dated 1900 but apparently published in 1905, contained some additional tunes, many of them replacing tunes which had been in the previous edition. In this index T denotes tunes published in 1900 which were retained with the same tune and page numnbers in 1905; T1 tunes published in 1900 but deleted in 1905; T2 tunes which appeared for the first tine in 1905.

B Bett, James. A collection of pipe music by James Bett. [c. 1899]. M Glen, David. The Music of the Clan MacLean. David Glen, Edinburgh, 1900.

L Logan’s complete tutor for the Highland bagpipe and a selection of marches [etc] followed by piobaireachd exercises and the famous piobaireachd Cha Till McCruimein... Logan & Compy. Inverness, Aberdeen, Elgin & Nairn. [c. 1900/1]

E1-E10 The Edinburgh Collection of Highland Bagpipe Music... compiled and arranged by David Glen. Edinburgh. Parts 1-10. [1903-1908]. P1-P5 The first [second etc] part of a collection of piobaireachd. Selected and edited by The Piobaireachd Society. [Part 1] Published for the Society by Logan & Co. (Inverness) Limited. [Parts 2-5] Published for the Society by Peter Henderson,... Glasgow. [1904-1913].





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