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Waking of the Bridegroom


Waking of the Bridegroom

Alternative Title

Dusgadh Fear na Beannsa

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Tunes Index - T-Z

The tunes index  contains most tunes in the piobaireachd repertoire with links to recordings and manuscript sources where possible and also information about current sources and publications.  The interpretations of tunes in the recordings are those of the player.

Tunes without an artist’s name do not contain sound files but do contain other tune information.




Taoitear Chloinn RaghnaillListen: Taoitear Chloinn Raghnaill
The Crunluath TuneListen: The Crunluath Tune
The Frenzy of the Meeting or Brian O’Duff’s LamentListen: The Frenzy of the Meeting or Brian O’Duff’s Lament
The Glen is MineJames Campbell on gooseListen: The Glen is Mine
The Glen is Mine (A MacDonald’s March)John MacFadyenListen: The Glen is Mine (A MacDonald’s March)
The men went to DrinkAndrew WrightListen: The men went to Drink
Too Long in this ConditionRobert ReidListen: Too Long in this Condition
Tulloch ArdAndrew WrightListen: Tulloch Ard
Tulloch ArdJames Campbell on gooseListen: Tulloch Ard
Tulloch Ard the Mackenzies’ GatheringListen: Tulloch Ard the Mackenzies’ Gathering
Unjust Incarceration, TheAndrew Wright Robert ReidListen: Unjust Incarceration, The
Vaunting TheRobert ReidListen: Vaunting The
Vaunting The (from Donald MacDonald)Decker ForrestListen: Vaunting The (from Donald MacDonald)
Viscount of Dundee Lament forJames Campbell on gooseListen: Viscount of Dundee Lament for
Viscount of Dundee Lament for theAndrew PitkeathlyListen: Viscount of Dundee Lament for the
Waking of the BridegroomListen: Waking of the Bridegroom
War or PeaceBill LivingstoneListen: War or Peace
Weighing from LandListen: Weighing from Land
Welcome Johnny Back AgainPatrick MolardListen: Welcome Johnny Back Again
White Wedder Black TailPatrick MolardListen: White Wedder Black Tail
You’re Welcome EwenJames Campbell on gooseListen: You’re Welcome Ewen
Young Allan’s LamentListen: Young Allan’s Lament
Young George’s SaluteListen: Young George’s Salute
Young Laird of Dungallon’s SaluteListen: Young Laird of Dungallon’s Salute
Your Welcome Ewen Lochiel (from MacArthur-MacGregor Manuscript)Decker ForrestListen: Your Welcome Ewen Lochiel (from MacArthur-MacGregor Manuscript)