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Below is a selection of recordings for anybody who is not a member of the Piobaireachd Society.   Non members have access to information about and sources of all the tunes on the site,  but can only hear recordings from the list below.   HERE is the full list of tunes on the site.


Some of these recordings are over 40 years old and some work has been done to restore them without infringing on their  original sound, however the quality varies in each case.

Acknowledgments: All artists, BBC Radio Scotland,  The College of Piping,  Mr. John Frater, Mrs Jeannie Wheater. Mr. Murray Henderson, Mr Iain Speirs, Mr. Walter Drysdale. We are also indebted to Andrew Wright for giving us access to his personal library of recordings and to all the players, to Dugald MacNeill for allowing historical information from Binneas is Boreraig, and to the family of Robert Reid for allowing publication of the Robert Reid tape archive.




Alasdair Dearg MacDonnell of Glengarry Lament forR U BrownListen: Alasdair Dearg MacDonnell of Glengarry Lament for
Battle of Auldearn No 1Gavin StoddartListen: Battle of Auldearn No 1
Battle of Bealach nam BrogTom SpeirsListen: Battle of Bealach nam Brog
Battle of the Pass of Crieff, TheBruce Gandy Listen: Battle of the Pass of Crieff, The
Black Donald’s MarchR U BrownListen: Black Donald’s March
Brother’s Lament TheAndrew WrightListen: Brother’s Lament The
Captain MacDougall Lament forAndrew WrightListen: Captain MacDougall Lament for
Cave of GoldMurray HendersonListen: Cave of Gold
Children Lament for theDr Angus MacDonaldListen: Children Lament for the
Clan Campbell’s GatheringAndrew Wright, Iain MaceyListen: Clan Campbell’s Gathering
Clan MacNab’s SaluteRonnie Lawrie, Alan BevanListen: Clan MacNab’s Salute
Colonel Forbes Lament forJohn FraterListen: Colonel Forbes Lament for
Comely TunePatrick MolardListen: Comely Tune
Corrienessan’s SaluteRonnie LawrieListen: Corrienessan’s Salute
Cronin Padruig SeamusFinlay JohnstoneListen: Cronin Padruig Seamus
Donald Duaghal MacKay Lament forNiall MathiesonListen: Donald Duaghal MacKay Lament for
Donald of Laggan Lament forTom Speirs R U Brown Patrick Molard (ground from Campbell Canntaireachd)Listen: Donald of Laggan Lament for
Earl of Antrim Lament for theDonald MacGillivrayListen: Earl of Antrim Lament for the
End of the Great BridgeIain Speirs Robert Reid R U BrownListen: End of the Great Bridge
Flame of Wrath for Patrick CoagachIain MacfadyenListen: Flame of Wrath for Patrick Coagach
Gathering of Clan ChattanJohn MacFadyen, R U BrownListen: Gathering of Clan Chattan
Glengarry’s LamentDonald MacLeodListen: Glengarry’s Lament
Glengarry’s MarchWilliam MacLean Robert Reid Robert U Brown Bruce GandyListen: Glengarry’s March
Hail To My CountryR U BrownListen: Hail To My Country
Hihorodo hiharara cherede cheredeJack TaylorListen: Hihorodo hiharara cherede cherede
I got a kiss of the King’s handDouglas MurrayListen: I got a kiss of the King’s hand
Isabel MackayIain MacfadyenListen: Isabel Mackay
John Garve MacLeod of Raasay’s LamentR U Brown (Ground)Listen: John Garve MacLeod of Raasay’s Lament
Kings Taxes, TheHector MacFadyen, Andrew Pitkeathly, Murray Henderson, William MacLean, Angus MacLellan, Iain Speirs, R U Brown, Robert Reid, Chanter lesson by Robert Reid.Listen: Kings Taxes, The
Lady Anapool Lament forJohn StewartListen: Lady Anapool Lament for
Lady Margaret MacDonald’s SaluteJohn MacDougallListen: Lady Margaret MacDonald’s Salute
Lament for John Morrison of Assynt HouseAngus D McCollListen: Lament for John Morrison of Assynt House
Lament for the IolaireIain SpeirsListen: Lament for the Iolaire
Lament for the UnionJames Campbell on goose, R U Brown Listen: Lament for the Union
Lord Berisdale’s SaluteListen: Lord Berisdale’s Salute
Lord Lovat’s LamentDonald MacPherson, Duncan MacfadyenListen: Lord Lovat’s Lament
MacCrimmon will Never ReturnAndrew WrightListen: MacCrimmon will Never Return
MacCrimmon’s SweetheartJohn MacDonald Inverness. Robert Reid (chanter demonstration) R U Brown, Patrick Molard (Campbell Canntaireachd Setting)Listen: MacCrimmon’s Sweetheart
MacDonald of Kinlochmoidart’s Lament (Tune No. 1)Andrew WrightListen: MacDonald of Kinlochmoidart’s Lament (Tune No. 1)
MacDougall’s Gathering TheRobert Wallace, PM Angus MacDonald (singing), Bill Livingstone, Ronnie Lawrie, R U Brown, Player unknown GlenfiddichListen: MacDougall’s Gathering The
Macfarlane’s Gathering TheR U Brown (Ground, V1)Listen: Macfarlane’s Gathering The
MacGregors’ Salute TheJames MacGregor Robert ReidListen: MacGregors’ Salute The
MacIntosh’s LamentWillie Connell Robert Reid R U BrownListen: MacIntosh’s Lament
MacKenzie of Applecross’ SaluteJohn MacFadyen, Ronnie MacShannonListen: MacKenzie of Applecross’ Salute
Mackenzie of Gairloch’s SaluteListen: Mackenzie of Gairloch’s Salute
Macleans’ March TheJames Campbell on gooseeListen: Macleans’ March  The
MacLeans’ March MacArthur SettingJames Campbell on goose, Robert WallaceListen: MacLeans’ March MacArthur Setting
MacRaes’ March TheJames Campbell on goose, Colin MacLellan, Andrew RogersListen: MacRaes’ March The
MacSwan of Roaig Lament forHector MacFadyenListen: MacSwan of Roaig Lament for
Malcolm MacPherson – BBC Chanter Programme introduced by Seamus MacNeillSeamus MacNeillListen: Malcolm MacPherson – BBC Chanter Programme introduced by Seamus MacNeill
Massacre of Glencoe.R U Brown Roderick MacLeodListen: Massacre of Glencoe.
Melbank’s SaluteJames Campbell on goose, Gregor SpeirsListen: Melbank’s Salute
My King has landed in MoidartDonald MacLean LewisListen: My King has landed in Moidart
Nameless from John MacDougall Gillies MS 96John FraterListen: Nameless from John MacDougall Gillies MS 96
Nameless Hiharin Dro o Dro (Duncan Campbell’s MS)Andrew Wright, John MacFadyenListen: Nameless Hiharin Dro o Dro (Duncan Campbell’s MS)
Old Sword Lament for theAndrew Wright, R U BrownListen: Old Sword Lament for the
One of the Cragich CC V1 52Jack TaylorListen: One of the Cragich CC V1 52
One of the Dead’s LamentPatrick MolardListen: One of the Dead’s Lament
Only Son Lament forBill Livingstone, R U Brown (ground)Listen: Only Son  Lament for
Phantom Piper of CorrieyairackJohn MacLellanListen: Phantom Piper of Corrieyairack
Prince’s Salute TheBill Livingstone Robert Reid R U BrownListen: Prince’s Salute The
Red Speckled Bull (or Army), TheAngus MacCollListen: Red Speckled Bull (or Army), The
Rev Dr Norman MacLeod’s LamentJohn MacLellanListen: Rev Dr Norman MacLeod’s Lament
Roderick MacDonald’s SaluteWillie McCallumListen: Roderick MacDonald’s Salute
Rout of Glenfruin TheBruce GandyListen: Rout of Glenfruin The
Sword’s Lament, TheAndrew WrightListen: Sword’s Lament, The
The Glen is MineJames Campbell on goose, R U BrownListen: The Glen is Mine
Unjust Incarceration, TheAndrew Wright, Robert Reid, R U Brown, Donald MorrisonListen: Unjust Incarceration, The
Viscount of Dundee Lament for theAndrew PitkeathlyListen: Viscount of Dundee Lament for the
Young Laird of Dungallon’s SaluteJames Campbell on goose Jack Taylor - PS10, MacArthur MacGregor, Campbell CanntaireachdListen: Young Laird of Dungallon’s Salute