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Piobaireachd Society books

Digital Book 9 with links to tunes and sources

A digital version of book 9, for iPhone/iPad and android devices, with links to available recordings of tunes and to the Piobaireachd Society tune page is now available on the CoP bookstore app, price £9.99  Books 1-8 will follow.  The app can be found from your iPad/iPhone or android phone or ta...

John MacDonald

John MacDonald’s Prelude

Thanks to Paula Glendinning for the recording and score of this, one of the few compositions of John MacDonald of Inverness. He is understood to have used this as a tuning prelude before performing one of the bigger pieces that had predominance of the high G. Nothing is known of the source from ...


Set Tunes 2015

The set tunes for 2015 have now been announced and are as follows. Set Tunes 2015...