The Piobaireachd Society
Patron HM The Queen



Notice of AGM Sunday 22 March

Notification is given to all members of the Piobaireachd Society that the 2015 Annual General Meeting will take place on Sunday 22 March during the Annual Conference at the Birnam Hotel, Dunkeld.  Please let the secretary know of any items for the agenda of the AGM.   The minutes of the 2014 AGM ...

Piobaireachd Society books

More electronic PS books

The Piobaireachd Society books 4 and 5 are now available for iDevices and android devices via the College of Piping bookstore app.  Well worth a look.  Some great tunes, great recordings, and instant access to sources. £9.99 per book, surely a bargain.  Adds to books 1-3, and book 9.  Books 6 a...

Modern tunes set for Bratach 2015

The Scottish Piping Society of London have announced a list of tunes composed in the past 100 years for the Bratach Gorm in 2015.  This is as follows: IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - 'The Bratach Gorm' 2015 The Scottish Piping Society of London is pleased to announce a revised format for the 'Bratach Go...