Pipeline  Cherede darievea (Greg Wilson), Lament for Mary MacLeod (R U Brown), Old Woman’s Lullaby (R U Brown), Lament for the Iolaire (Roddy MacLeod), My Dearest on Earth Give me your Kiss (Finlay Johnstone), Farewell to the Queensferry (Callum Beumont).

Crunluath  Black Wedder’s White Tail (Fiona Manson), Battle of Waterloo (Robert Wallace), Corrienessan’s Salute (Iain Macfadyen), Lament for the Iolaire (Roddy MacLeod).

The Piping Hour 

Feb 6
Lament for Hope (John Mulhearn), Lament for Hugh Cottiers (Murray Henderson and Big Music Society), The Lost Pibroch (Murray Henderson and Big Music Society)
Feb 13
Flame of Wrath for Squinting Patrick (John MacFadyen), Scarce of Fishing (Iain Morrison), Lament for the Children (Donald MacLeod)
Feb 20
MacKay’s Banner (RU Brown), Clan Campbell’s Gathering (Donald MacLeod), Rory MacLeod’s Lament (John MacFadyen)
Feb 27
Earl of Seaforth’s Salute (Alastair Gillies), Lament for Mary MacLeod (Niall Matheson), Scarce of Fishing (Greg Wilson)