The Piobaireachd Society
Patron HM The Queen

New Piobaireachd Compositions

The Society wishes to encourage the composition of new music. This space is offered for new compositions.  Tunes are not scrutinised or edited and are printed as sent to the Society. The Society does not accept any responsibility for errors. Queries should be addressed to relevant composers and not the Society. Tunes, preferably in PDF format, can be sent via the “Contacts” page.  A good quality MP3 can be submitted.

Piobaireachd by Janette Montague

Janette Montague has composed several Piobaireachd, some for solo pipe, and some arranged with other instruments.

Black Haired Hector  Pipes, voice, dance.

Song of the Yellow Jasmine Pipes and String Quartette

Sheep in Buchts Kye in Fields Pipes

Lament for the Old Man Pipes and Cello