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Dwelly Manuscript

Edward Dwelly (1864–1939) was an English lexicographer and genealogist. He created the authoritative dictionary of Scottish Gaelic, and his work has had an influence on Irish Gaelic lexicography. He also practised as a professional genealogist and published transcripts of many original documents relating to Somerset. He was a keen piper. He tabulated the Netherlorn and the […]

Book Review: ‘A Noble Pursuit’ by Professor Alan Armstrong

‘A Noble Pursuit’ is the title of a recently published book by Alan Armstrong on the life letters and works of Pipe Major John Grant, writes Dr Jack Taylor. Pipe Major Grant was the subject of a paper at the Piobaireachd Society conference given by Professor Armstrong in 2012, and the website has been […]

2019 Conference Proceedings

The text and picture presentation of Jack Taylor’s talk ‘New Evidence about the Old Competitions’ is now available to Piobaireachd Society members here.

PS Conference 2019 Report

Our move from Birnam to the National Piping Centre was a success. An audience of 50-60 attended during the day and those who stayed for dinner enjoyed a premiere of a new composition, a Victorian piobaireachd, a drinking tune from the Campbell Canntaireachd, a Donald MacLeod tune and four classics. This, with piping’s characteristic conviviality, […]