War or Peace

In response to several enquiries about War or Peace as set this year for the Gold Medal competitions, with the Gesto setting recommended, the following note has been added to the tune page

D movements in ground

 The D movements are timed differently in the various scores. Any of these timings will be accepted as will timing them as a conventional D taorluath a Mach.

Taorluath movements in ground

 These may be played either with or without the short theme note between the D and E gracenotes.

Ground between variations

 The ground may or may not be played between variations. Either will be accepted. The Piobaireachd Society score follows current practice by not including ground returns, whereas the other Gesto score on the PS website, which was compiled by Roderick Cannon, includes them. However there are no ground repeats in the original Canntaireachd.

D Movements at line ends in Taorluath and Crunluath doubling.

 The Gesto scores by the Piobaireachd Society and by Roderick Cannon show that the D movements at line ends in T and C doubling return to low A. As the link note in the singlings is low G it is acceptable that these are played to low G i.e. “closed”.

Finally, although the Gesto score is recommended, other settings will be accepted.

Players adopting any of the above should inform the judges.