Archie Kenneth Quaich

The thirtieth annual amateur Piobaireachd competition for the Archie Kenneth Quaich will take place on Saturday, 12th March 2022. The venue is The Scots Guards Club, Haymarket, Edinburgh, starting at 09.30 a.m. 

Entries and enquiries to:  

Competitors should submit two tunes with their entries, one of which they will be asked to play on the day. Players will receive the name of the tune selected by the judges in the final tuning room. Competitors may not submit any tune with which they have previously won first prize in the competition.

Conditions for eligibility are as follows:

  1. Competitors must be members of the Piobaireachd Society
  2. Competitors aged 18 or over.
  3. Competitors must be amateur pipers. An amateur piper is someone who has never accepted a money prize in a senior solo competition. 
  4. Anyone in doubt about their eligibility to play should contact the
    competition organiser for advice.

This competition has been increasingly popular in recent years. In the event that there are significantly more than 25 entries there will be a ballot, and the first 25 entries drawn will be selected to play, plus reserves. Those who are unsuccessful in this ballot will be definite confirmed entries for the 2023 competition, if they intend to enter that. 

The closing date for entries is 7th January 2022.

Talk Piobaireachd 2021-22

A video of the first in the new season featuring Bill Livingstone has been posted on the Members’ section of the website here.

President’s Newsletter

The Newsletter for November has been circulated.

Members who have not received their copy of the Newsletter should contact the President on

Due to the fact that the major competitions have been cancelled for 2021, The Piobaireachd Society recommends retention of the 2020 set tunes for competitions in 2022:

The Unjust Incarceration* – PS 2
Lament for Donald Ban MacCrimmon – PS 2, K
Patrick Og MacCrimmon’s Lament** – PS 3
The Sound of the Waves against the Castle of Duntroon – PS 6, K
Nameless Cherede Darievea – PS 8, K
The Laird of Anapool’s Lament – PS 9
MacLeod of Colbeck’s Lament – PS 10
Mrs MacLeod of Talisker’s Salute – PS 11
Lament for the Harp Tree – PS 12, K
Lament for King George III – PS 14

Competitors will submit six of the above tunes, one of which they will be required to play.

*For the purposes of the Senior competitions this tune should be played with the inclusion of the “optional” 3rd line, as recorded in Piobaireachd Society Book 2.

**For the purposes of the Senior competitions this tune should be played with the inclusion of Donald MacDonald’s additional variation (singling and doubling), as recorded in Piobaireachd society Book 3. 

PS = Piobaireachd Society Collection    K = Kilberry Book of Ceol Mor

Competitors are not restricted to settings in the Piobaireachd Society Collection and Kilberry Book.   Those who wish to play alternative settings should submit legible scores, indicating the origins of the settings, to competition organisers along with their tune selections.

Altogether different tunes known by the same or similar names will not be accepted as alternatives.


Competitors will submit eight tunes of their own choice, one of which they will be required to play.


Competitors will submit six tunes of their own choice, one of which they will be required to play. This announcement is without prejudice to any arrangements made by either the Argyllshire Gathering or the Northern Meeting.

For the Music Committee: Ronald McShannon, 2 Ascot Avenue, Glasgow, G12 0AX