Summer School 2020 Cancelled

The PS Summer School of Piobaireachd Tuition has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The school was to have taken place at Gartmore House near Aberfoyle, Stirlingshire, at the end of May. The Society has secured the dates at the same venue for the 2021 school. These are June 27 until July 1. Students have been notified and all deposits will be returned.

The Musical Legacy of the MacKays of Raasay

Read an abridged version of DR John KS Frater’s paper entitled ‘The Musical Legacy of the MacKays of Raasay’ here. Dr Frater was due to deliver it at this year’s abandoned conference and we are grateful to him for now making this version available to all members.

New Recordings

The following recordings have been added to our member’s archive:

Donald MacLeod – MacMhurich’s Salute, Desperate Battle, His Father’s Lament, Mary MacLeod, V1 MacIntosh’s Lament, Corrienessan’s Salute, Lament for Islay Flora Macleod, MacRae’s March.

John MacDougall – Blue Ribbon, My Dearest on Earth Give Me Your Kiss
Donald Morrison – Lament for Captain MacDougall
John MacFadyen – Salute to the Isle of Iona
Patrick Molard – Leacran, the Campbell Canntaireachd version of the Half Finished Piobaireachd, with score taken from the Campbell Canntaireachd, Donald MacDonald settings of the grounds of Lament for the Union, My King has Landed in Moidart, Lament for the Children

James MacGillivray – Glengarry’s Lament, The Groat, MacIntosh’s Banner, Munro’s Salute, Highland Society of Scotland’s Salute, Lament for Sir James MacDonald of the Isles, MacGregor’s Salute, Lament for Alasdair Dearg MacDonell of Glengarry

Donald MacGillivray – Little Spree, Lament for Patrick Og MacCrimmon
Robert Wallace – Battle of Waterloo
Iain Morrison – MacIntosh of Borlum’s Salute

Greg Wilson – Lament for MacLeod of Colbeck

John D Burgess – Too Long in this Condition

Murray Henderson – Rory MacLeod’s Lament

PS Conf 2020 Cancelled

The General Committee has taken the decision to cancel the 2020 annual conference and AGM which was to be held at the National Piping Centre on March 21. The government’s travel advice and the increasing threat from the Covid-19 virus meant that we really had no choice. The Committee has now agreed that we should not re-convene the Conference during 2020 but focus on 2021. Disappointing but can’t be helped. 

Robert Wallace, President

PS 2020 AGM AGENDA and 2019 Minutes

The above are now available for members to peruse here.

Archie Kenneth Quaich Result

The 28th annual amateur piobaireachd competition for the Archie Kenneth Quaich took place on Saturday, 29th February 2020, in the rooms of The Royal Scottish Pipers’ Society, 127 Rose Street Lane South, Edinburgh.

The winner was Andrew Park playing the Rout of Glenfruin. Other prizes:
2 Stuart Gaudin (The Groat)
3 Gill Cairns (Lament for John Morrison of Assynt House)
4 Stewart Letford (Maol Donn).

The winner receives the Quaich from Music Committee Chairman Alan Forbes

The competition is sponsored and promoted by the Society in memory of our former Music Committee Editor Archie Kenneth. Judges were Donald MacPhee and Patricia Henderson.

Here is the full list of those who played:

John Don MacKenzie – Battle of Bealach nam Brog (unpublished setting)

Graeme Roy – Park Piobaireachd 2

Hector MacFadyen – MacDonald’s Salute

Duncan MacFadyen – Blind Piper’s Obstinacy

Jack Taylor – Lament for MacSwan of Roaig

John Wilson – Lachlan MacNeill Campbell of Kintarbert’s Fancy

Set Tunes 2020

The Piobaireachd Society recommends the following for competitions in 2020:
The Unjust Incarceration* – PS 2
Lament for Donald Ban MacCrimmon – PS 2, K
Patrick Og MacCrimmon’s Lament** – PS 3
The Sound of the Waves against the Castle of Duntroon – PS 6, K
Nameless Cherede Darievea – PS 8, K
The Laird of Anapool’s Lament – PS 9
MacLeod of Colbeck’s Lament – PS 10
Mrs MacLeod of Talisker’s Salute – PS 11
Lament for the Harp Tree – PS 12, K
Lament for King George III – PS 14

Competitors will submit six of the above tunes, one of which they will be required to play.
* For the purposes of the Senior competitions this tune should be played with the inclusion of the “optional” 3rd line, as recorded in Piobaireachd Society Book 2.
** For the purposes of the Senior competitions this tune should be played with the inclusion of Donald MacDonald’s additional variation (singling and doubling), as recorded in Piobaireachd society Book 3. 

PS = Piobaireachd Society Collection; K = Kilberry Book of Ceol Mor

Competitors are not restricted to settings in the Piobaireachd Society Collection and Kilberry Book. Those who wish to play alternative settings should submit legible scores, indicating the origins of the settings, to competition organisers along with their tune selections. Altogether different tunes known by the same or similar names will not be accepted as alternatives.

Competitors will submit eight tunes of their own choice, one of which they will be required to play.

Competitors will submit six tunes of their own choice, one of which they will be required to play. This announcement is without prejudice to any arrangements made by either the Argyllshire Gathering or the Northern Meeting.
For the Music Committee,
Ronald McShannon, 2 Ascot Avenue, Glasgow, G12 0AX.