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Manuscripts and books of Piobaireachd

This section shows many of the manuscripts and books of Piobaireachd.





All SourcesThis compilation of all sources of Piobaireachd is from the General Preface to the Piobaireachd Society Collection by Dr Roderick Cannon. It is copyright to the Piobaireachd Society. ... View Documents: All Sources
Angus MacKay BookA Collection of Ancient Piobaireachd or Highland Pipe Music. Angus MacKay, Edinburgh, 1838.  A prospectus for this book was issued in August 1835, promising publication about 1st February 1836.  Angus... View Documents: Angus MacKay Book
Angus MacKay ManuscriptThis, the largest of the early piobaireachd collections, has always been called simply "Angus MacKay's MS" even though Angus MacKay also wrote other piobaireachd manuscripts.  It can be regarded as... View Documents: Angus MacKay Manuscript
Angus MacKay Manuscript - KintarbertThis manuscript was compiled by Angus MacKay in about 1840. ... View Documents: Angus MacKay Manuscript - Kintarbert
Angus MacKay Manuscript - SeaforthAngus MacKay writes in this manuscript that the tunes were selected "from the original manuscript in his possession as noted down by him (in staff notation) from the Canntaireachd of... View Documents: Angus MacKay Manuscript - Seaforth
Angus MacKay Specimens of CanntaireachdAngus MacKay. "Specimens of Canntareachd" NLS MS 3743. c. 1853. All the pieces are fragments, consisting of the first few vocables of the tune in canntaireachd. They are numbered 1-48. They... View Documents: Angus MacKay Specimens of Canntaireachd
Ballindalloch ManuscriptThis is the manuscript written by Donald MacKay (1845-1892). His father was Donald MacKay (1794-1850), who was the son of John MacKay, Raasay, father of Angus MacKay. He was... View Documents: Ballindalloch Manuscript
Campbell CanntaireachdNote on Campbell Canntaireachd by Kilberry 1961 P1 Note on Campbell Canntaireachd by Kilberry 1961 P2 The Campell Canntaireachd Notation (Revised 2000 by R.D Cannon) P1 The Campbell Canntaireachd Notation (Revised 2000 by... View Documents: Campbell Canntaireachd
Campbell Canntaireachd Volume 1The collection was brought by John Campbell, son of Colin, to the Highland Society competition in 1816 and submitted for one of the money prizes then being offered to pipers... View Documents:  Campbell Canntaireachd Volume 1
Campbell Canntaireachd Volume 2This is the second volume of the collection which was brought by John Campbell, son of Colin, to the Highland Society competition in 1816 and submitted for one of the... View Documents: Campbell Canntaireachd Volume 2
Ceol Mor - a bibliographyRoderick Cannon documents where the original copies of Ceol Mor are. Ceol Mor is available from Ceol Seann ...  
Ceol Mor - the making of the collectionRoderick Cannon gives details about the production of "Ceol Mor" by General CS Thomason.  Ceol Mor is still the biggest single collection of Piobaireachd. The book has been reproduced by  View Documents: Ceol Mor - the making of the collection
Colin Cameron ManuscriptAn account of how this volume was acquired by the Piobaireachd Society in 1949 is given in the note by Archibald Campbell pasted inside the front cover. ... View Documents: Colin Cameron Manuscript
David Glen's Book7 Volumes of Glen's Printed Piobaireachds ... View Documents: David Glen's Book
Donald MacDonald JuniorInscribed "Donald MacDonald Piper 72nd Regiment of Highlanders March 16th 1826." ... View Documents: Donald MacDonald Junior
Donald MacDonald Volume 1Donald MacDonald Ancient Martial Music of Caledonia Donald MacDonald was born in Skye in 1767. He became the leading pipe-maker of his day, and a collector of the traditional pipe music,... View Documents: Donald MacDonald Volume 1
Donald MacDonald Volume 2This manuscript was compiled by Donald MacDonald, who published the first in 1820. The manuscript was his draft for a second book that unfortunately never appeared.  It has now been... View Documents: Donald MacDonald Volume 2
Dwelly ManuscriptEdward Dwelly (1864–1939) was an English lexicographer and genealogist. He created the authoritative dictionary of Scottish Gaelic, and his work has had an influence on Irish Gaelic lexicography. He also... View Documents: Dwelly Manuscript
Hannay-McAuslinThe anonymous piobaireachd manuscript now known as the Hannay-MacAuslan manuscript is believed to have been written about 1815. It contains ten tunes written out in full detail, in staff notation,... View Documents: Hannay-McAuslin
John MacDougall Gillies ManuscriptThe John MacDougall Gillies Manuscript is the property of Glasgow University Library and appears here by kind permission. ... View Documents: John MacDougall Gillies Manuscript
John MacKay ManuscriptThis John MacKay is Angus' brother, not his father, who as far as is known could not write music. ... View Documents: John MacKay Manuscript
John Smith ManuscriptThis is the manuscript of 79 Piobaireachd written by  PM John Smith of the 93rd Highlanders.   He lived from 1840 to 1877, dying at 37 years of age in... View Documents: John Smith Manuscript
Kilberry IndexIndex to the Kilberry Book of Ceol Mor produced by Archibald Campbell in 1948 and with subsequent editions in 1953 and 1969. Title                ... View Documents: Kilberry Index
MacArthur MacGregor ManuscriptThe MacArthur-MacGregor manuscript (MS 1679 of the National Library of Scotland) was compiled over a six month period in 1820 at the request of the Highland Society of London.  The... View Documents: MacArthur MacGregor Manuscript
Neil MacLeod Gesto CanntaireachdCommonly known as "The Gesto Canntaireachd" this book contains 20 tunes in canntaireachd collected from Iain Dubh MacCrimmon who died in Skye in 1822. ... View Documents: Neil MacLeod Gesto Canntaireachd
Peter Reid's ManuscriptPeter Reid is said to have been a good amateur player and to have judged frequently at the annual piobaireachd competition in Edinburgh. When he wrote the manuscript he seems... View Documents:  Peter Reid's Manuscript
Piobaireachd Society Scores   
Sidelights on the Kilberry Book of Ceol MorAn expanded volume of Sidelights containing an additional ten tunes was published in 2016. The Sidelights to the Kilberry Book of Ceol Mor are notes on instruction received by Archibald...  
Nether Lorn CanntaireachdNote on the Nether Lorn Canntaireachd revised 1959 by Col J P Grant C B of Rothiemurchus ... Get Document: Nether Lorn Canntaireachd
Sidelights to Kilberry 2 The Battle of the Pass of Crieff Listen to Tune