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Angus MacKay Book – digital download


When it first appeared in 1838, this book was immediately hailed by pipers (those who could read music) as the most accomplished effort yet at portraying ceòl mòr ‘scientifically’, in other words in staff notation. Angus was only 25 at the time of its publication and it made him the greatest name in piping. In 1843 he went on to become the first Sovereign’s Piper – to Queen Victoria. For his sources Angus drew on all the manuscripts available to him, and also on the earlier book of Donald MacDonald, but more than anything, the teaching and tunes he had learned from his father John MacKay, Raasay. Though developed over time, Angus’s way of writing the music chimed with oral tradtition. This, and the realisation that the book represented a carrying stream of authenticity stretching back through his father to the MacCrimmons themselves, guaranteed its success.

This version of the book is not intended for printing but is well suited for use on tablet computer.