Judges Notes, Senior 2013

The following notes are from judges seminars held in November 2012 and April 2013 to discuss the set tunes. They are published in the hope that they will be of some interest to competing pipers and others. 

They should, however, be regarded only as the output from an informal discussion and neither as a complete and authoritative analysis of the tunes nor as a set of directions on how they should be played.   Likewise, the sources listed should not be taken to be comprehensive.

Sound clips of some of the tunes illustrating possible ways of playing them are on this website.

The Blue Ribbon                                                   PS 5; K; Binneas Lachlan MacNeill Campbell of Kintarbert’s Fancy       PS 8; K
The Old Men of the Shells                                           PS 7; K; Binneas
Lament for Ronald MacDonald of Morar         PS 8; K; Binneas
In Praise of Morag                                                   PS 1; K; Binneas
The Prince’s Salute                                                 PS 1; K; Binneas
Isabel MacKay                                                         PS 6; K; Binneas
Lady MacDonald’s Lament                                   PS 8; K; Binneas