Set tunes 2014


The Piobaireachd Society recommends the following lists of tunes for competitions in 2014:


Donald Gruamach’s March PS 2, K
The Red Speckled Bull PS 4, K
Lament for the Union PS 6, K
Nameless ‘Cherede Darievea’ PS 8, K
The Laird of Anapool’s Lament PS 9
The Red Hand in the MacDonalds’ Arms PS 10
Abercairney’s Salute PS 11
The Battle of Waterloo PS 11

Competitors will submit four of the above tunes, one of which they will be required to play.


The Big Spree PS 1
The Battle of the Pass of Crieff PS 1, K
Lady Margaret MacDonald’s Salute PS 3, K
Lament for the Departure of King James PS 3, K
Patrick Og MacCrimmon’s Lament PS 3, K
Lament for the Only Son PS 6, K
His Father’s Lament for Donald MacKenzie PS 9
MacNeill of Barra’s March PS 10

Competitors will submit four of the above tunes, one of which they will be required to play.


Group 1 ‘Fosgailte’ Tunes

The Groat PS 1, K
MacCrimmon’s Sweetheart PS 7, K
The Little Spree PS 7, K

Group 2 ‘Breabach’ Tunes

Lament for Captain MacDougall PS 6, K
MacDonald of Kinlochmoidart’s Lament No 1 PS 6, K
Corrienessan’s Salute PS 8, K

Group 3 ‘A mach’ Tunes

The Battle of Auldearn No 2 PS 2, K
Black Donald’s March PS 3, K
MacLeod of Raasay’s Salute PS 8, K
Competitors will submit four of the above tunes, at least one from each Group, one of which they will be required to play. Tunes in Group 3 require crunluaths a mach.

PS = Piobaireachd Society Collection K = Kilberry Book of Ceol Mor

Competitors are not restricted to the settings or styles in the books mentioned above, and may play any other setting or style, provided that the judges may take into consideration the authenticity and merits of the setting or style submitted.

Competitors are advised to give advance notice to the judges should they intend to play settings or styles different from sources stated above.

Altogether different tunes known by the same or similar names will not be accepted as alternatives.

This announcement is made by the Piobaireachd Society to ensure earliest publication. It is without prejudice to any arrangements made by either the Argyllshire Gathering or the Northern Meeting.

For the Music Committee

Alan Forbes, Honorary Secretary
24 Garscube Terrace, Edinburgh, EH12 6BN